James Brown Discography – Wikipedia has a Good One

Wikipedia has a James Brown Discography that is quite comprehensive. James Brown discography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia wikipedia.org "This is a discography chronicling the musical career of James Brown. Brown joined the Flames in 1953, first as a drummer, and then as leading front man. Later becoming The Famous Flames, they signed with Federal Records in 1956 and recorded their first hit single, "Please, Please, Please", which sold over a… Read More »

James Brown Funky People Performing Live in ’81

If you want to see James Brown Funky People then you should check out this amazing video footage from 1981 in which JB band performs live on stage doing Funky Good Time and Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. James Brown Funky good time/Papa,s Bag "james brown live.1980&1981 Rare footage from the early eighties , in excellent pict+sound qty" This is truly a gripping performance – if you agree, please share… Read More »

James Brown Music Management Video Recording

In the world of James Brown Music there comes a time to talk about business and management. This video gives us a rare look, or 'listen' asitwere, at the man himself discussing music management issues. JAMES BROWN & MUSIC MANAGEMENT "Management: Should an artist engage in politics? How many souls does James Brown employ? www.management.mono.net." We found the discussion quite facscinating — if you found this interesting, please share.

James Brown Bass Players featured in this Rehearsal Out-Take Video

Speaking of James Brown Bass Players , here is an interesting video where we hear a very bizarre mix coming through the console during a rehearsal for the David Letterman show. It's definitely a different way to experience the groove. James Brown Band: isolated bass (Letterman rehearsal) "Hear the (mostly) isolated bass channel from the actual audio feed, as James prepares his band in this 1993 rehearsal for Late Night with David… Read More »

James Brown Greatest Hits Medley

If you want to hear James Brown Greatest Hits then all you have to do is pop on this medley. James Brown Greatest Hits Medley (I Feel Good, Hot Pants, It's A mans World + 5 more) "Top Hits From James Brown such as I Feel Good, Hot Pants, and 6 more blended together with pictures to bring you an enjoyable Medley." Feel free to spread the love around.

“It’s A Man’s World” Featuring Jimmie Lee Moore Bass Solo

Here’s a video of James Brown Bass Player Jimmie Lee Moore playing a bass solo live in Atlanta with James Brown in concert. [part2]James brown – Directo en Atlanta – It’s A Man’s World. part2 (jimmy lee moore bass solo) “Directazo de James Brown en el Chastain Park de Atlanta allá por 1984. Sólo del bajista Jimmy Lee Moore.” Jimmie gets a chance to stretch out in front of a large… Read More »

An Excellent James Brown Biography

The included video is the full length feature James Brown Biography entitled ‘Soul Survivor’. Enjoy the music and the information. Soul Survivor – The James Brown Story “”Die on your feet, don’t live on your knees”  The video is about the legendary one.” — If you dig this, get the word out with a share.

James Brown Live with Bootsy Collins in 1971!

Here's an awesome video of James Brown Live with Bootsy Collins on bass. Bootsy Collins with James Brown Live (1971) "Bootsy Collins with James Brown Live (1971)" Nothing cooks quite as good as the JB rhythm section, especially with Bootsy Collins as James Brown Bass Player. — Share this material to get the funk out  

Bootsy Live on Bass – Video

One of the most famous people who was a James Brown Bass Player is the illustrious Bootsy Collins late of Parliament-Funkadelic fame. Bootsy Collins Story – Live on Bass "Documentary & live performance of Bass player & Singer Bootsy Collins, the funk behind bands like Funkadelics, and James Brown. 's JB's.," There were a lot of awesome cats that played bass for James Brown over the years. Bootsy was one of… Read More »