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Bootsy Live on Bass – Video

One of the most famous people who was a James Brown Bass Player is the illustrious Bootsy Collins late of Parliament-Funkadelic fame. Bootsy Collins Story – Live on Bass "Documentary & live performance of Bass player & Singer Bootsy Collins, the funk behind bands like Funkadelics, and James Brown. 's JB's.," There were a lot of awesome cats that played bass for James Brown over the years. Bootsy was one of… Read More »

James Brown Live with Bootsy Collins in 1971!

Here's an awesome video of James Brown Live with Bootsy Collins on bass. Bootsy Collins with James Brown Live (1971) "Bootsy Collins with James Brown Live (1971)" Nothing cooks quite as good as the JB rhythm section, especially with Bootsy Collins as James Brown Bass Player. — Share this material to get the funk out