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James Brown’s Bass Player Jimmie Lee Moore encountered in an elevator!

Miami musician, bass player and producer who was a James Brown Bass Player is the amazing Miami talent, Jimmie Lee Moore. Apparently this was a candid moment when another county official was being interviewed but then they recognized Jimmie LOL! JAMES BROWN BASS PLAYER, JIMMY LEE MOORE “KEITH WILSON IN THE ELEVATOR AT MIAMI-DADE COUNTY BCCO, WITH DEAR FRIEND AND CO-WORKER JIMMIY L MOORE,KEITH IS THE EXCU.DIRECTOR OF BLACKNEWSMIAMI.COM, LOG ON..”… Read More »

Jimmie Lee Moore aka “Stringpuller” James Brown Bass Player for 20 years

Jimmie Lee Moore was James Brown’s bass player for over twenty years traveling on the roard, on multiple tv performances, live concert gigs, studio sessions, and just plain livin’ the life. Jimmie can be contacted through his website at http://www.stringpuller.net

James Brown Music Management Video Recording

In the world of James Brown Music there comes a time to talk about business and management. This video gives us a rare look, or 'listen' asitwere, at the man himself discussing music management issues. JAMES BROWN & MUSIC MANAGEMENT "Management: Should an artist engage in politics? How many souls does James Brown employ? www.management.mono.net." We found the discussion quite facscinating — if you found this interesting, please share.