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Jimmie Lee Moore aka “Stringpuller” James Brown Bass Player for 20 years

Jimmie Lee Moore was James Brown’s bass player for over twenty years traveling on the roard, on multiple tv performances, live concert gigs, studio sessions, and just plain livin’ the life. Jimmie can be contacted through his website at http://www.stringpuller.net

“It’s A Man’s World” Featuring Jimmie Lee Moore Bass Solo

Here’s a video of James Brown Bass Player Jimmie Lee Moore playing a bass solo live in Atlanta with James Brown in concert. [part2]James brown – Directo en Atlanta – It’s A Man’s World. part2 (jimmy lee moore bass solo) “Directazo de James Brown en el Chastain Park de Atlanta allá por 1984. Sólo del bajista Jimmy Lee Moore.” Jimmie gets a chance to stretch out in front of a large… Read More »