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Erik Macpherson Bass Exercise On 5 String Bass

A dexterity exercise of fingering pattern 2134 with 2 16th notes per pitch. Six String Bass Em G Pentatonic With Diagrams

How To Learn Notes On The Bass Guitar

This is the first of three video lessons dedicated to learning all the notes on the bass fingerboard. It’s especially useful for bass players that have been playing for a while and who want to develop more of an overall knowledge of the instrument. How To Learn Notes On The Bass Guitar 1/3 (L#28)

Music Theory for Bass Guitar – Intervals

This lesson covers the most basic building blocks of music and music theory: Intervals. This first part covers semitones, tones and intervals of the major scale. It also has a look at the construction of the Major scale. This is all shown with reference to the bass guitar neck. Music Theory for Bass Guitar – Intervals Part 1 (L#4)

YouTube Bass Player Interviewed by Mr. Rogers

Many, many musicians out there could be considered to be a YouTube Bass Player , but this interview definitely sums it all up. Mr Rogers interviews a bass player Apparently it’s Bill Murray and National Lampoon but it’s definitely hilarious — and appropriate, from this writer’s standpoint! Enjoy and share if you dig it! youtube bass player  

Jimmie Lee Moore aka “Stringpuller” James Brown Bass Player for 20 years

Jimmie Lee Moore was James Brown’s bass player for over twenty years traveling on the roard, on multiple tv performances, live concert gigs, studio sessions, and just plain livin’ the life. Jimmie can be contacted through his website at http://www.stringpuller.net

“It’s A Man’s World” Featuring Jimmie Lee Moore Bass Solo

Here’s a video of James Brown Bass Player Jimmie Lee Moore playing a bass solo live in Atlanta with James Brown in concert. [part2]James brown – Directo en Atlanta – It’s A Man’s World. part2 (jimmy lee moore bass solo) “Directazo de James Brown en el Chastain Park de Atlanta allá por 1984. Sólo del bajista Jimmy Lee Moore.” Jimmie gets a chance to stretch out in front of a large… Read More »

James Brown Music Management Video Recording

In the world of James Brown Music there comes a time to talk about business and management. This video gives us a rare look, or 'listen' asitwere, at the man himself discussing music management issues. JAMES BROWN & MUSIC MANAGEMENT "Management: Should an artist engage in politics? How many souls does James Brown employ? www.management.mono.net." We found the discussion quite facscinating — if you found this interesting, please share.

An Excellent James Brown Biography

The included video is the full length feature James Brown Biography entitled ‘Soul Survivor’. Enjoy the music and the information. Soul Survivor – The James Brown Story “”Die on your feet, don’t live on your knees”  The video is about the legendary one.” — If you dig this, get the word out with a share.